How-tos of git : Git commands for beginners

Git commands you should know as a beginner If you have heard about git and wished that you had a quick glimpse of cheat codes of it then here it is for you. Here is a listing of some commands which you might use daily when working with git. 1) How to change the current […]

Codeigniter custom helper functions

Getting time wasted writing common things over and over in Codeigniter…? Here is a helper file that may help you create your project in a faster way. Just load this helper file and call these functions with parameters specified. /* Pre-format text $array : Array -> Required => Array to be pre formatted */ function pr($arr) […]

Basic setup for Laravel admin panels

For guys out there who don’t wanna waste time setting up admin templates every time when creating a new project, here we present you a basic laravel setup which you just have to download it and tweak it as you wish. Note : We have used Admin LTE template which is a popular open source WebApp template for admin […]

Choosing a framework or technology for a project

Hello guys, here I am going to list some important points to consider before you decide go for a framework/technology when starting a project. First things first 1) Whether it have a detailed documentation or not? The documentation helps a lot in understanding the basic stuffs. It should have a simple and understandable language. Having […]